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Our Ukrainian Language and Culture School is the best opportunity to find out about traditional and present-day life in Ukraine!

You are welcome to 2 week intensive course of Ukrainian language and culture 2019:


– 15 years of experience
– students from 28 countries

Warm September in Lviv September, 2 – 13 2019 Enroll now

Golden October in Lviv October, 7 – 18 2019 Enroll now

Cultural November in Lviv November, 4 – 15 2019 Enroll now

Lviv has always been noted for its adherence to the traditional Ukrainian culture, and that is why spending autumn here in Lviv is filled with a very special charm. The people of Lviv cherish the customs of the past, but they also like new kinds of entertainment preserve the spirit of the ancient ones. Autumn Lviv is also the time of festivals with songs and dances (hajivky and vesnjanky), music concerts, carnivals, museums, and theaters. Different sports in Carpathians mountains (2 hour from Lviv) are also possible during the weekends.

Carpathians are only 2 hours from Lviv, so learn Ukrainian and enjoy nature!

During the courses you will have the opportunity to:

and this is not all!!!

Ukraine overview: Visit us and find magnificent culture, delicious cuisine and our famous hospitality

Our courses meet the ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) requirements and have communicative orientation.

Our programs:

Chocolate, beer and coffee in Lviv – BBC

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