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10 Reasons Why Ukraine Is A New Trending Travel Destination

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In a continent full of well-traveled destinations, one country is stepping forward as Europe’s final frontier: Ukraine. Colorful, enchanting, and never boring, Ukraine is at the edge of a tourism boom. From the sophisticated museums and cafes of Kyiv to the peasant food and rural farms of the countryside, Ukraine has something for everyone. Here’s why Europe’s undiscovered marvel should be on your travel bucket list.

1. The Food

Ukrainian food is so much more than borsht, pierogi, and vodka. In the Carpathian Mountains, try banosh: a highland shepherd dish of corn flour cooked in sour cream with salty sheep cheese, wild mushrooms, and crunchy speckles of pork fat. In cosmopolitan Kyiv, where traditional food with a modern twist is served in upmarket environments, savor fine dining experiences at budget-friendly prices. A favorite here is Pervak Restaurant, 2 Rohnidynska St, in downtown Kyiv. (Make sure you have the vodka tasting- ask your waiter for their favorites, which probably will include horseradish and Plum). Also, find the secret path to the OB Restaurant in Maidan, (Original Blockade) for some of Ukraine’s fines food and libations – everything is sourced in Ukraine – meats, fish, beer, wine cognac, champagne and more! Worth the challenge to find it, but make sure you know the password – ;-). Also, another must go is to have Chicken Kyiv (yes, there really is a Chicken Kyiv dish) at the Chicken Kyiv restaurant and leave room for the absolutely heavenly Kyiv Cake, like no other desert I have ever had.

2. Lviv

If Prague has become too crowded for you, consider Lviv: now known as “the new Prague”. You better hurry though before it becomes completely “discovered”. As the mayor Mayor Andriy Sadovyi of Lviv recently told me in an interview – if Kiev is the heart of the country, than Lviv is the soul. This stunning city is where traditional Ukrainian music, food, architecture, and history come together in an unforgettable whirlwind of experiences – plus a splash of modern kitsch.

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modern and progressive city with up to day theaters, cinemas, caf?, universities …
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3. Chernobyl Tours

The site of one of the most notorious and frightening nuclear disasters in modern history doesn’t seem like an obvious tourist hotspot, but a swarm of tour operators hope to change all that. They insist that Chernobyl safe to visit – and the 10,000 tourists who explore the site every year agree. If you’re eager to see a post-apocalyptic version of a world that could have been – or celebrate the wildlife that has started to reclaim the abandoned area – you’ll love Chernobyl tours. Photographers call it a dream to experience too.

4. Accessibility

With daily non-stop flights on Ukrainian International Airways going to Kyiv from New York’s JFK airport and dozens of other cities around the world, including London, Amsterdam, Paris, and even Beijing daily, Ukraine’s marvels have never been so easy to access. Just pack a bag, step on a plane, and go – no annoying connections necessary! And, the fares to Ukraine are significantly lower than to almost all other European destinations.

5. Architecture

Ukraine boasts some of the world’s most beautiful Slavic architecture. From Carpathian wooden churches in the countryside to Saint Sophia’ Cathedral and the majestic Opera Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine’s historic buildings will mesmerize even the most discerning architecture buff.

6. History

Livadia Palace, which hosted Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at the 1945 Yalta Conference, is now open to tourists as a museum – just one of the many ways Ukraine invites its visitors to step into history. On ancient cobblestone streets and alleyways and in modern-era military bunkers, tourists in Ukraine don’t just visit the present: they experience history as well.

7. Cost

More than almost anywhere else in Europe, Ukraine is affordable! Why sleep in overpriced hostels in Rome or London when you can enjoy a multi-course gourmet meal in one of Ukraine’s finest restaurants for around $15USD. In Ukraine, budget costs don’t mean budget quality.

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8. Carpathian Mountains

Everyone who sees Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains immediately falls in love with their wide, sweeping vistas, breathtaking mountain peaks, and unforgettable local culture. Escape Kyiv’s cosmopolitan city vibe with a hike in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, paint traditional Easter Eggs with local mountain shepherds, or enjoy vodka and dumplings in a rural guesthouse!

9. Safety

Despite what eye-catching headlines about Crimea might suggest, Europe’s biggest country is incredibly safe. Standard travel wisdom applies: avoid demonstrations and disputed territories, and let Ukraine’s friendly locals put you at ease in no time at all.

10. Culture

In a country of so many wonders, Ukraine’s best feature is easy to spot: its people. Ukrainians are friendly, English is widely-spoken, and everyone is eager to share the many incredible festivals and events that make Ukraine such a fun place to visit all year-round. For more details on how to explore and where to stay see below.

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How to Get There:

Ukrainian International Airways also known as UIA, is Ukraine’s leading international airline with its hub at the ultra-modern Kyiv Boryspil Airport (KBP). UIA features three classes of service along with legendary Ukrainian hospitality onboard its daily non-stop flights from New York’s JFK airport to Kyiv and easy connecting flights to ten cities throughout Ukraine, and also with onward connections to over 80 destinations around the world. Partnerships with JetBlue and Virgin America allow for easy seamless connections from over 50 gateways in North America. Frequent flyers with UIA can also earn and redeem miles through our Panorama Club frequent flyer program and fly on other international airlines like Air France, Austrian Airlines, KLM, Etihad, and TAP Portugal. UIA also has a tri-lingual reservations staff and booking can be made at 1-800-876-0114, online at www.FlyUIA.com T: +1 800.876.0114 W: www.FlyUIA.com FB: facebook.com/flyuia.us/


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