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Best 10 things to do in Lviv

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If you are a fan of Vienna, Krakow, or other similar cities in Europe, Lviv (also pronounced as Lvov, Lwow and Lemberg) should definitely jump up to the top of your travel list. Relatively unknown, it has the grandeur, coziness and charm, but unlike its Central Europe counterparts, does not have the glossy touristy appeal. Besides, Lviv is also no doubt a heart of Ukrainian culture. Are you planning a budget Lviv trip? Well, Lviv is a great steal for backpackers: lots of good quality hostels, cheap local food, and plenty of activities to do for not big budget.

1. Learn to paint traditional Easter Eggs

If you’ve ever wondered how the heck they paint these beautiful eggs, or wanted to try yourself at a pottery wheel, or simply would like to learn more about Ukrainian traditional crafts, take up a master class with a local artisan. Not widely promoted, they are a great opportunity to get to know the local culture. Join our Off the beaten Track Lviv City Tour for an artsy evening, or check an exciting egg-painting story from Katie Going Global, who participated in one of our master classes!

2. Learn Ukrainian language and culture

… with the best Ukrainian School for foreigners in Lviv learn-ukrainian.org.ua!
It is challenging to travel in the country with no knowledge of it language, without the possibility to read the signs, shop advertise and so on. This School will help you. Every month you are welcome to 2 week Ukrainian intensive course where you can learn Ukrainian in 10 days. Their courses are is created due to ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) requirements and has the communicative orientation. It mixes the language learning with unique and very interesting Ukrainian traditions: Pysanka workshop, hayivkas and Easter games etc. You will have the time to visit most interesting places in Lviv (National Art Gallery, Opera Theatre, ancient mountain High Castle, Open Air Museum …). During the courses you will have the possibility to cook and taste Ukrainian dishes, visit the most interesting places of Ukraine, sing Ukrainian traditional and pop songs and a lot more.
The lecturers have great teaching experience for foreigners and native speakers in the best international universities. Enroll now learn-ukrainian.org.ua

3. Have a picnic in Shevchenko Park

Also called, Museum of National Folk and and Rural Life, Shevchenko Park offers you a great combination of learning and fun. An open-air museum hosts more than 124 architectural monuments (mostly village houses and churches grouped into 54 farmsteads) situated in picturesque ethnographic areas. After visiting Park’s exhibits, take a stroll along its valleys, and sit for a picnic in its shaded views. Admission fee: 1 euro (10 UAH) Getting there: take tram #2 from the stop right opposite to Town Hall, and get off after 4 stops. For further directions, see the map.

4. Visit Lviv’s art galleries

Venture away from Rynok Square and enjoy traditional and modern art in dozens of Lviv art galleries. Dzyga is amongst the most famous ones, and is also popular with the locals as a café. It has a new exhibition every two weeks, and calls itself the Art-Terra for Lviv artists. Few others, worth mentioning, are Zelena Kanapa, and Museum of Ideas.

5. Enjoy performances on Lviv city square

Every summer Lviv municipality hosts a Summer Festival in the heart of the city, Rynok Square. Local pop/rock bands, traditional performances and all of that for free to enjoy! Lviv is also brimming with street musicians and you can always join the crowd listening or dancing. In addition, dozens of festivals are held in Lviv every year. From Chocolate to Coffee, from traditional art to jazz music, anyone can find something to their taste.

6. Attend a concert in Lviv Opera House

Yes, it is indeed possible! World class performances, the stunning architectural of beauty of Lviv Opera Theater (among the best in Europe), and all of that comes at a fraction of price. You can enjoy a night of music and culture for as little as 7 euros! Even if you aren’t too much into music, simply visiting Opera Theater halls and their grand beauty will be an experience in itself.

7. Wander around the tombs of Lychakiv Cemetery

‘Immense and moving’, as described by Lonely Planet, Lychakiv Cemetery is among the must-see sights in Lviv. It is a beautiful enchanted park, only 10 min away from the bustling city center, and is home to dramatic tombstones of Ukrainian, Polish, German, and Russian famous people. Admission fee: less than 1 euro (3 UAH). Getting there: You can take tram #2 at the tram stop right opposite Town Hall, and get off three stops later (‘Medical Institute’ stop).

8. Go cycling in the greenery of Lviv Parks

If you want to test the adventurous side of you, rent a bike and go for a ride in one of Lviv Parks. Stryisky Park is among the oldest and most beautiful in the city. Cycle along its pond with swans, explore artificial castle ruins and visit a glassed greenhouse with tropical plants. Where to rent a bike: check out Gorgany shop (right off the Opera House, Gorodotska st, 5), or SportTovary shop (Svobody ave., 1/3). Cost: around 10 euros per day. For more information on parking for bikes, and rental shops, check out the map of Lviv Cycling Association. In Ukrainian only, it can still give you some useful information.

9. Visit city museums

Image courtesy of iloveukraine portal For extension of your cultural and opera experience, visit Museum of Solomiya Krushelnytska, Ukraine’ most renowned opera singer. For historical and cultural introductions, explore the displays at Lviv History Museum and Museum of Etnography and Arts . Military fans will definitely enjoy the exhibits of cold arms and firearms at Lviv Arsenal, the only museum of its kind in Ukraine.

10. Explore Lviv cafés

Lviv is well-known in Ukraine for its quirky cafés, delicious coffee, and reasonable price of eating out. For a wide selection of top-notch coffee, visit Svit Kavy (World of Coffee), strategically located beside Dominical Cathedral. For a more local, funky experience, try your luck getting into Kryivka (‘Underground Bunker’), a café that is devoted to the history of Ukrainian Insurgent Army during the World War II. For more ideas on what to do in Lviv, or short getaways outside of the city, email us and we’ll be glad to give you our most interesting suggestions!

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