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Our Teacher shows Lviv to polyglote Conor Clyne

Дата: Жов-17-2016
Категорія: Блог

As you already know our Ukrainian Language and Culture School learn-ukrainian.org.ua is glad to host a new extraordinary student CONOR CLYNE. He speaks 10+ languages!
Our teacher Solomija is shows him her 5 favorite places in Lviv. Can you guess what are these places? 😉

Як ви уже знаєте, наша Школа української мови та культури для іноземців learn-ukrainian.org.ua рада приймати у себе неординарну особистість – поліглота Конора Кляйна. Він знає більше, ніж 10 мов!
Наша викладач Соломія рада показати йому 5 своїх улюблених місць у Львові. Можете вгадати, що це за місця? 😉

Great polyglot and blogger CONOR CLYNE is studying with us! You can join us as well! ;)

Дата: Жов-5-2016
Категорія: Блог

We are glad to welcome to our Ukrainian Language and Culture School learn-ukrainian.org.ua a new extraordinary student CONOR CLYNE. Conor is a great polyglot, he speaks the following languages:

English (native)
French (fluent)
German (fluent)
Italian (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
Portuguese (fluent)
Dutch (intermediate)
Russian (intermediate)
Romanian (beginner)
Irish (beginner)

And now the next language is Ukrainian. We are honored and happy Conor chose to participate in our 
2-week intensive course of Ukrainian language and culture Golden October in Lviv October, 3-14 2016 in Lviv!

Conor is a successful blogger and vlogger at www.languagetsar.com and he recently wrote the blog posts about his progress in Ukrainian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBIsjJq4ifY

Conor attends our Ukrainian course learn-ukrainian.org.ua school as part of his language learning strategy and regularly describes his progress in Ukrainian on his YouTube channel.

You can join us as well! 😉

Our mission

Дата: Вер-29-2016
Категорія: Блог

Our mission at our Ukrainian Language and Culture School is to provide students with effective, high-quality language instruction set in the context of the rich culture of Lviv. You can join the hundreds of students who have benefited from our work-play approach. Our programs are customized to your needs, practical and effective, and immersed in a rich cultural experience.

We are happy to work with our students during 13 years offering them intensive courses, private lessons, and Skype tutoring. We have successfully organized over 90 intensive courses hosting students from over 28 countries.

We are proud of the students we were the great honor to work with, in particular the ambassador of EU, the ambassador of Finland in Ukraine, the consuls of Germany, Austria, as well as the other interesting people.

Some feedback you can see in our blog http://learn-ukrainian.org.ua/en/blog/
FB group with over 1.600 members https://www.facebook.com/groups/learn.ukrainian.org.ua
FB page with over 13.000 likes https://www.facebook.com/learnukrainian/
YouTube chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPgf6QqumA02iyR2NPYxBQw
Some History of Success http://learn-ukrainian.org.ua/en/history-of-success/

Загальноєвропейські Рекомендації з мовної освіти: вивчення, викладання, оцінювання. Страсбург

Дата: Вер-6-2016
Категорія: Блог

Загальноєвропейські Рекомендації з мовної освіти: вивчення, викладання, оцінювання.
Рада з питань співпраці в галузі культури. Комітет з освіти. Відділ сучасних мов, Страсбург. Науковий редактор українського видання доктор пед. наук, проф. С.Ю. Ніколаєва – Київ, Ленвіт, 2003. – 273 с. ISBN 966-7043-67-3


Have you ever been in the country without the knowledge of its alphabet? ;)

Дата: Лют-27-2016
Категорія: Блог

Have you ever been in the country without the knowledge of its alphabet? – It is an interesting experience!! – Ken managed the situation! 🙂
Professional computer specialist and photographer from Norway Kenneth Gjesdal published his feedback about his two weeks in Lviv, Ukraine studying Ukrainian.

Read about Lviv and Ukrainians from the unbiased view!
And of course you’ll find there many beautiful photos of ancient Lviv and its citizens taken by the person with an professional eye!
It is really interesting to know about the travel from Moi, Norway to Lviv, Ukraine. What a monster of a plane!

Ken took 2-week intensive course of Ukrainian language and culture with learn-ukrainian.org.ua! “All the training was adapted to me in ways I didn’t foresee or demand” – he wrote!

Adventures with Cyrillic letters, kefir, borshch, Ukrainian keyboard etc.
Ken also shares his observation about the habits of Ukrainians to dress according to calendar, not temperature :)) – “This day I had to ask my teacher “do people in Ukraine dress according to calander or temperature?” I was the only one in the whole of Lviv that wasn’t wearing a jacket and it was warm and sunny… :-)”

So, here it is the story!
I recently traveled to Lviv, Ukraine to attend a 2-week intensive course of Ukrainian language and culture in Ukrainian.
Wrote a little about it before I went there, and here is some thoughts on how it was.
My goal for this trip was to learn the alphabet and to be able to go to somewhere to eat and do it without having to just point and grunt, but make myself understood in Ukrainian.

I was the only student at my level, the lowest possible :-), and cannot praise my teacher, Solomija Buk, high enough. What a skilled, and patient, teacher.

Our classroom were in one of the many cafes and restaurants in Lviv. We spend a lot of time reading the menu so I could try to order it in Ukrainian. Most of the time this went fairly well, with some bewildered and/or pleasant smiles from the waiter and waitresses. During my 2 week stay, I never had anything but positive interactions with anyone.
All the training was adapted to me in ways I didn’t foresee or demand. When I told my teacher I hope to be able to order from menus, I didn’t expect us to actually go to out the very next day and try it out. This way of taking care of me during school and a few practical issues from activities I had planned on my free time left me almost speechless at times. I just know I have to return.

Kenneth Gjesdal, Bryne, Norway

One observation from the result of this trip was on my way home I made this observation:

What is the price difference between a bewildered Norwegian on a taxi from the airport vs one armed with the phrase “скільки в аеропорт” heading to the airport? Paid 1/3 🙂 – Posted by Kenneth Gjesdal on 20. februar 2016

Nothing bad with this trip to Ukraine at all?

Actually there were, one I anticipated and one was halfway expected.
On the return flight home I had to land in Oslo before heading for my final destination is always really, really annoying. Why they still haven’t managed to: a) fix it so you don’t have to go thru customs in with ones bags, then check in the bag again aaand yet another security check… or b) have a system when one book that says “avoid this this and that airport”…

I flew with Lufthansa from Oslo to Munich and then to Lviv. No Gluten free food on board, got a banana instead of a sandwich once, but rest… 🙁


Дата: Січ-28-2016
Категорія: Блог

Мінекономіки України та Western NIS Enterprise Fund запустили міжнародну кампанію на підтримку туристичного бренду країни.
Ролик записали під композицію Wherever you are проекту Святослава Вакарчука “Вночі”. Ролик покликаний відродити інтерес туристів до подорожей в Україну, а також залучити іноземні інвестиції в туристичну галузь. У відео можна побачити найбільш популярні туристичні об’єкти ріхних куточків України, зокрема національний природний парк Олешківські піски, Чорноморське узбережжя, Одеський оперний театр, унікальні пам’ятки архітектури, занесені до списку ЮНЕСКО, Карпатські гори, а також можна дізнатись цікаві факти про туристичну Україну.

Ролик тут

The founder of the largest Ukrainian group on FB came to us to learn Ukrainian!

Дата: Лис-25-2015
Категорія: Блог

With a great pleasure we introduce you our unique student from the USA!
Ed Skibicki is an successful financial analyst from New Jersey with the Ukrainian roots.
He is the founder of the biggest Ukrainian group on FB – “1,000,000 people around the world in support of Ukraine’s fight for freedom”. He came to Ukraine to adopt two girls, as well as to learn Ukrainian language with our Ukrainian language and Culture School.

We are proud of our students!

З великою приємністю представляємо вам нашого надзвичайного студента зі США!

Ед Скібіскі – успішний фінансовий аналітик зі Нью Джерсі з українським корінням.
Він засновник найбільшої групи українців у ФейсБук “1,000,000 людій зі всьго світу підтримують Україну у боротьбі за незалежність”. Він приїхав до України удочерити двох дівчат, а також вивчити українську мову у нашій школі української мови та культури!
Пишаємося нашими студентами!
* Ed kindly gave us a short feedback about his impressions from Lviv and the language classes https://youtu.be/V_XY4nCSwxM
* ZIK- the largest and most powerful channel of Western Ukraine made a program about him

** Ед ласкаво надав нам короткий відгук про свої враження від Львова та курсів української, які він відвідував https://youtu.be/V_XY4nCSwxM

What Dutch people think about our School / Що думають голландці про нашу школу

Дата: Лип-16-2015
Категорія: Блог

Голландка Ірина ван Еркель – перекладач в Раді Європи та Європейському суді.
Dutch Irina van Erkel is a translators in Council of Europe and the European Court.
She is a student of our Ukrainian Language and Culture School. In the video, she talks about her impression about our language courses, Lviv, and Ukraine.

Вона cтудентка нашої Школи української мови та культури для іноземців (http://learn-ukrainian.org.ua/). У відео Ірина розповідає про свої враження від мовних курсів, Львова та України.


Наші найкращі і найгарніші студентки з Голландії! / Our best and the most beautiful students from Holland!

Дата: Лип-16-2015
Категорія: Блог

Наші найкращі і найгарніші студентки з Голландії: перекладачі в Раді Європи та Європейському суді
Our best and the most beautiful students from Holland! They are translators in Council of Europe and the European Court.

За один тиждень інтенсивних курсів – просто неймовірний прорив! Молодці!!

Legalization of foreigners in Ukraine

Дата: Тра-23-2015
Категорія: Блог

For individuals who are going to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days residential permit is required. Sadly, but the procedure is highly complicated in terms of burocracy, time and requires a good command of Ukrainian language. However, our competent lawyers   can help the foreigners to get whatever is required: residence address, residence permit, identification code, work permit and other, where relevant. They can also prepare necessary set of documents, pay administrative fees and charges and predict potential risks.

Upon receipt of the residence permit, a foreigner doesn’t need to process the visa and every 90 days cross the border, spending thereby time and money.

Having the work permit one can legally work in Ukraine, engage in business activities, and potentially get a citizenship.

 Please, take into consideration that pursuant to the provisions of the effective Ukrainian legislation, the right to acquire temporary residence permit is granted to the foreigners who arrived in Ukraine only for the purpose of:

* employment in Ukraine;

* setting up a business;

* family reunion where at least one of the spouse holds Ukrainian citizenship;

* family reunion where one of the spouse holds temporary residence permit in Ukraine;

* implementation of international technical assistance (which is duly registered);

* work for a religious organization (preaching, performing religious rituals or other canonical activities);

* work for branches and representative offices of international organizations, companies or banks;

* cultural, educational, scientific work and volunteering;

* work as a correspondent or representative of a foreign mass media source;

* studying.

Law Craft team will help and assist you in every step, making authorization procedure faster and easier.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

Law Craft Legal Services & Consulting

Lviv, Zelena str. 28


+380 50 377-87-67