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Ukrainian Summer School in Lviv 2022

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Lviv is the city filled with a romantic atmosphere and great old history. Lviv is ahead of the rest of the country in terms of service standards and customer-driven innovation. The rich cultural and sports program, as well as friendly residents attract the visitors.

The 2 week Ukrainian intensive course Ukrainian Summer in Lviv is created due to ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) requirements and has the communicative orientation. It mixes the language learning with unique Ukrainian traditions. You will have the time to visit most interesting places in Lviv (National Art Gallery, Opera Theatre, ancient mountain High Castle, Open Air Museum …)

Lviv has always been noted for its adherence to the traditional Ukrainian culture, and that is why the spending of summer in Lviv surrounded by a special charm here. The people of Lviv cherish the customs of the past, but they also like new kinds of entertainment stylized to resemble the archaic ones. Summer in Lviv is also the time of festivals, music concerts, carnivals, museums and theaters.

During the courses you will have the possibility to:

• cook and taste Ukrainian dishes

• take part in Ukrainian traditional activities

• introduction to Lviv excursion

• visit the most interesting places of Ukraine

• sing Ukrainian traditional and pop songs

• watch and discuss Ukrainian movies and video-clips

• make a presentation of your native culture and country

• play in Ukrainian folk and present-day games

and it is not all!!!

Probably the best cute and romantic video about summer Lviv

There are groups due to three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. The entry test helps us to check your knowledge.

Our lecturers have great teaching experience for foreigners and native speakers in the best Ukrainian universities and abroad.

The study program has been approved during several years, that is why it is effective and easy for students. It is flexible depending on student level and wishes as well. It includes the developing of your oral, writing, reading and listening skills.

You can choose the appropriate accommodation for you. We cooperate with some hosting Ukrainian families during quite a long time and have good opinions from our students who lived there. Practically all the family apartments are in the very center of city, about 10-30 minutes to teaching place on foot. You will have a separate room. The sum of about €10-15 is normal for 1 night in Lviv in host family.

The Ukrainian intensive course fee for two weeks is €270. It can be paid after arrival.

The school fee includes:

• study-process, tutorials

• hand-outs and a certificate

• introduction to Lviv excursion

• a “survival file” (Lviv map, useful information, a program, a notebook, a pen etc)

• coffee breaks

Why in Lviv? — Because Lviv is:

• ancient and the most interesting Ukrainian city for tourists

really Ukrainian speaking city 

• located not far from the west Ukrainian border

• not expensive city

• has unique multicultural tradition: combines the Ukrainian, Polish, Germans, Armenians, Jewish and others cultures

• modern and progressive city with up to day shops, restaurants, caf?, theaters, cinemas, universities …

Not yet convinced? Try it yourself.
We look forward to see you in Lviv,
The team of Ukrainian Language and culture school

The deadline for application is 2 weeks before the beginning of each school. The number of students is limited. Late applications may be accepted but we advise to book early. The earlier you apply the more time we would have to arrange your accommodation in the best possible way.

Please, fill in the application and send it to

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