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Ukrainian – interestingly, cheerfully, efficiently!

Delegation of European Union to Ukraine and Jan Tombinski, Ambassador of EU in Ukraine

Jan Tombinski, Ambassador of European Union in Ukraine, about the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture and about Ukrainian language in Ukraine

Janey (Teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

So I … contacted this school in Lviv … and they responded the following day. They included and attachment with all the information I would need about the course. In subsequent weeks they continued to contact me to ask if I needed help finding a host family, if I need transportation from the airport and so on. I was in shock! They were so organized and accommodating! Unlike in Moscow, they really understood customer service. Facebook page:
In the couple of days before my arrival I received emails about where my classes would take place, my teachers name and phone number and instructions. I got lost on the first day of class and called my teacher and she came out to the street to meet me and walk me to our classroom.
My teacher, Halyna, was an absolute angel. Seriously, SO NICE! She was so informed and attentive to our needs. The first day of class we spent reading. The other girl in my class was Slovenian, but had Ukrainian parents…
The teacher made all sorts of recommendations about what to see in the city and really knew her stuff about Lviv. She even offered to walk with us and show us around.
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• The program was varied and interesting. A challenging educational level. I got what I wanted; to learn from the beginning. I am very satisfied with the materials available. It was step by step, and varied. All in a good atmosphere. And I both know and understand more of the Ukrainian culture after this two weeks! … My teacher Valentyna was excellent! She gave me excactly what I expected from her – individual teaching. She prepared handouts for ME! There is no doubt, I give her a 10 .She offered a lot, explained and gave good examples. Now it is up to me.
Elisabeth (nurse from Lillehammer, Norway)

• The Ukrainian Summer School seems so far away, yet at times it also feels like yesterday. I often think about how fun and interesting it was to follow these courses last summer…
Nevertheless, I keep wonderful memories of my adventures in Ukraine, wow … Lviv is such a beautiful city, I feel so rich to have seen so much art and culture, and to have had the opportunity to enjoy the Carpathian mountains too! … What a fantastic trip it was for me (and a very emotional one too, meeting my new found relatives and visiting the village where my grandparents grew up… oy!).
Nadia Bezkorwany (translator and psychologist, United Kingdom, London)

• Our students from India, Germany, and Sweden!!!
I’m satisfied with the School’s education. I was really amaising experience here. The School provides good classes and materials for study.
The teacher was so cooperative and good behavior! Teacher’s attention on me was perfect as well as the program and home works.
Sumit Cumar Dabra (India)

• I am very satisfied with the School’s organization.
A very intensive course, with plenty of notes, exercises + spoken, very satisfactory level of teaching.
I am really enjoyed all the classes — not only for learning the Ukrainian language, but also to discover more about Ukrainian culture… I really like the “cultural activities”
The School has very good condition, clean facilities and nice location. And delicious cakes + biscuits too!
Adelheid K. (economist, Belgium, Naamsesteenweg)

• School’s personnel is very helpful with booking accommodation and different useful thinks. I have lost my baggage in airport and my teacher personally want with me to solve this problem. I spent unforgettable time in Lviv thanks to Ukrainian Language and Culture School! Both — study and trips — were super.
Herald T. (Master in Eastern European languages and cultures, Frankfurt, Germany)

• The School has challenging educational level, interesting and varied materials. According to 10 point system it is 10. My teacher was excellent, she prepared perfect handouts. The School has very convenient classrooms and good facilities.
Jill Sheppard. (lecturer of European Union Law, United Kingdom, London)

• At last, I have understood the Ukrainian grammar and begin to speak! I thank the School of Ukrainian language and Culture for it! And I opened the really deep Ukrainian culture for me! We watched the marvellous films there about Ukraine and it regions.
Plus very good and interesting people studied with me Ukrainian language, plus cheap bear and food — so I spent unforgettable time in Lviv.
Natsume Y. (PhD student, Yokohama, Japan)

Ukrainian – interestingly, cheerfully, efficiently!