Академия украинского языка: культура и стиль жизни

Фотографии Львова. Панорама Львова

Зачем нужно изучать украинский язык

Украинский – интересно, весело, эффективно!

Потому что украинский язык:

Test russian

Ukraine is perspective developing country, borders the EU. Ukraine has won the Euro 2012. Ukraine is profitable economic and cultural cooperation

Ukrainian – interestingly, cheerfully, efficiently!

Why in Lviv?

Because Lviv is:

Why Ukrainian Language and Culture School?

Because we are:

a private institution, that is why we:


effective, because our courses are based on the core educational principles:

The study program is:

interesting, because during the course you will have the possibility to

and this is not the end of the list…


Not yet convinced? Try it yourself.

Украинский – интересно, весело, эффективно!